Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Here’s what Sen. Jinggoy Estrada should do next following his privilege speech in the Senate investigation into the pork barrel scam:

First and foremost, on the supposed letter from then Senate Finance Committee Chairman Franklin Drilon informing those who had voted for the conviction of former Chief Justice Renato Corona of an additional P50-million fund:

Estrada should distribute copies of the supposed letter from Drilon to media, the Internet and even personal friends.

Estrada should reveal the details and circumstances behind the supposed letter – when was it given, where, what time, by whom and how. He should narrate what happened next when he rejected the P50 million.

For example, did Drilon say anything and does he know who were his colleagues who accepted the P50 million.,

If he can, Estrada should ask for a Senate probe of where the money came from, 

He should also dare those who accepted the P50 million to explain where did the money go to and to come out with documentary proof that it had been spent LEGALLY or LEGITIMATELY.

As expected, Drilon and Budget Sec. Butch Abad have denied bribing the senators who convicted Corona with the P50 million. So the question is WHY was the money (Malacanang mouthpieces can call it whatever they like) GIVEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO CONVICTED CORONA?

Estrada said the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee did not investigate P1.2-billion in questionable transactions of some local government units funded by Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Miriam Defensor-Santiago and former Senators Francis Pangilinan and Manny Villar from their pork barrel.

Estrada should identify these local government units and cite details of these transactions.

He should also FORMALLY ask committee chair Sen. Teofisto Guingona to explain why the P1.2-billion questionable transactions were not, or has not been probed, by the panel.

Lastly, Estrada should pound on Commission on Audit chair Grace Tan to COME OUT IN MEDIA with PARTIAL OR FULL audit reports on the pork barrel funds since PNoy became president.

Reports which will include pork barrel disbursements by ALLIES OF PNOY.

For the simple reason that PNoy’s allies are NOT EXEMPTED from graft corruption. 30

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


More than ever, DON'T EXPECT Janet Napoles to talk about the pork barrel scam, guys!

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales has just shielded Napoles, and for that matter the whole truth about the scam, from the people.

How? Morales has advised the Senate against inviting Napoles to the next hearing of the blue ribbon committee. 

Therefore, unanswered questions or details lacking in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committe's  probe of the scam which only Napoles could provide would be left HANGING IN THE AIR, INDEFINITELY.

Or until Morales allows the disclosure of these to the public, which only GOD KNOWS WHEN.

Morales said if Napoles testifies, despite the fact that she has publicly and consistently claimed that she is not involved in any pork barrel transaction, the objective of the Senate in summoning her would be an exercise in futility.

So for Morales, just because Napoles is claiming innocence in the pork barrel scam, it would be useless for the Senate to investigate her.

Therefore, Morales is giving MORE WEIGHT TO NAPOLES’ WORD than to the effort of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to come up with the COMPLETE PICTURE of the scam.

Which  CANNOT BE COMPLETED without Napoles’ version of the scam.

Morales said summoning Napoles would not produce “complete, nay reliable information that legislation intends to affect or change.”

Morales is NOT A MEMBER of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. She is NOT A SENATOR, or a congresswoman. So she has NO PROFESSIONAL and MORAL RIGHT to prejudge how the committee will find or evaluate Napoles’ testimony in relation to their investigation.

IT’S THE COMMITTEE WHO WILL JUDGE whether or not Napoles’ testimony will be complete, reliable and useful in aid of legislation. NOT MORALES.

If Morales, or her supporters, will say she knows the law being a retired Supreme Court justice, the issue at hand is NOT A QUESTION OF LAW, but a question of truth as basis in crafting a better law.

Besides, the Supreme Court DOES NOT WRITE THE LAW.  It would be tragic, to say the least, if Morales has forgotten this.  

Morales also said a testimony by Napoles “would, among other things, adversely affect public interest, prejudice the safety of witnesses or the disposition of cases against her and/or her co-respondents pending before this office, or unduly expose them to ridicule or public censure.

Public interest has ALREADY BEEN ADVERSELY AFFECTED by the billions of pesos stolen through the pork barrel scam. Keeping Napoles quiet would not correct these adversities.

Prejudice the safety of witnesses?

Morales should tell that to De Lima,who has been PARADING THE WITNESSES against Napoles all over town, especially in media, long before she was charged with plunder.

Morales should also EXPLAIN why she never raised any objection to De Lima’s publicity train. 30

Monday, September 23, 2013


A conspiracy to KILL the Napoles case in media, and before the public eye, is fast shaping up.

Justice Sec. Leila de Lima refused to allow the pork barrel scam whistleblowers to testify in a Senate hearing this morning, saying she will seek the opinion of the Office of the Ombudsman first before she allows the whistleblowers to testify again.

Like Senate President Franklin Drilon who had refused to approve a subpoena for Janet Napoles, De Lima cited the Ombudsman’s rules on publicity as basis for her refusal.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales now has ABSOLUTE CONTROL on Napoles and the whistleblowers, and whatever updates will there be on the case, if any.

So if Morales refuses to allow Napoles and the whistleblowers to testify in the Senate, or be interviewed anywhere else, then COMPLETE SILENCE will fall on all both sides.
FOR AS LONG as Morales wants to.  

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but neither can anybody force Morales to give regular updates on Napoles and the plunder case she’s facing for the scam.

If there will be nothing new, then media will have nothing to report on or come out with.
Napoles will VANISH before the PUBLIC EYE.  The possibility that the public interest in Napoles and her alleged role in the pork barrel scam will diminish will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE.

For those who missed it, I cited these points in my preceding blog on Sen. Drilon: 
The Ombudsman probe is for alleged illegal acts related to the scam. The Senate investigation is in aid of legislation. Anyway you look at it, these are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PURPOSES.

So why must a THOROUGH and TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE (hopefully) Senate probe be DEPENDENT on the Ombudsman?

Especially considering the fact that the Ombudsman WILL NOT DECIDE on the plunder case against Napoles BASED ON WHAT will be declared in a Senate hearing.

But on the evidence submitted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Let me add that like what we have all seen, De Lima has never objected to the left and right interviews given \by the whistleblowers to newspapers and radio/ and TV stations.

The Ombudsman is NOT a court of law, and De Lima is NOT the Ombudsman either,.

 Neither is the Ombudsman the SOLE GAUGE OF TRUTH on the plunder case Napoles and several others are facing. 30




A story in says Senate President Franklin Drilon has left it to the Ombudsman to decide whether or not Janet Lim Napoles could testify at the blue ribbon committee’s inquiry into the P10-billion pork barrel scam, for which she is facing plunder charges.

Drilon said the Senate must respect the jurisdiction of the Office of the Ombudsman over the case and its rules, particularly that which says “publicity is to be avoided or prohibited wherein her judgment can prejudice the case.”

The Ombudsman probe is for alleged illegal acts related to the scam. The Senate investigation is in aid of legislation. Anyway you look at it, these are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PURPOSES.

So why must a THOROUGH and TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE (hopefully) Senate probe be DEPENDENT on the Ombudsman?

Especially considering the fact that the Ombudsman WILL NOT DECIDE on the plunder case against Napoles BASED ON WHAT SHE’LL SAY in a Senate hearing.

But on the evidence submitted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Unless, there is a law or rule which says a Senate testimony has or should have more evidentiary value for the Ombudsman, to the point of affecting her judgment on a case, than documentary and other physical evidence.

Drilon said under Rule 5 of the Ombudsman’s Rules of Procedure which says pending resolution, decision or action on a complaint, grievance or request for action, “no publicity shall be made of matters which may adversely affect national security or public interest, prejudice the safety of witnesses or the disposition of the case, or unduly expose persons complained against to ridicule or public censure.”

NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW if what Napoles will say in a Senate hearing will adversely affect national security or public interest UNLESS SHE’S ALLOWED TO TALK.

If  the Ombudsman will not allow Napoles to testify in a Senate hearing on the basis of Rule 5, it will be PREMATURE at the very least and SUSPICIOUS at the worst.

Simply because it will imply that they know in advance what Napoles will say, when it’s the SENATORS WHO WILL QUESTION HER in the hearing and NOT ANYONE from the Ombudsman.

If Napoles would be barred from attending the Senate hearing on Thursday, believe me guys, ONLY GOD WOULD KNOW when she’ll talk.

Pray hard, people, that we’re not headed for a SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH on the pork barrel scam, which only Napoles can provide or be extracted from her.30


Janet Napoles’ lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, is getting DESPERATE for PUBLIC SYMPATHY for her client by insisting anew on the still UNFOUNDED threats to the suspected pork barrel scam mastermind’s life.

I see no other reason for this DESPERATE  DRAMATICS on the supposed threats to Napoles’ life than her desire to transfer the venue of the trial ofher serious illegal detention case to Fort Sto. Domingo, where she Is detained.

In an story, Kapunan said she was concerned about Napoles’ safety since there were several “exit and entry points” from Fort Sto. Domingo in Laguna to the Makati Regional Trial Court where was arraigned early this afternoon.

But Kapunan did not complain of the capability of the CONVOY of police personnel which escorted Napoles, or of the highly-publicized security measures forher client’s trip to court.

And even if she and government officials had been repeatedly claiming that Napoles’ was in danger, Kapunan  AGAIN DID NOT CITE EVEN ONE PROOF of or BASIS for the supposed threat.

No physical attacks on Napoles, no stalkers arrested or cited, no assaults on her detention bungalow, no threatening letters or phone calls reported to media by her camp, NO NOTHING.

The abs-cbn story also quoted Makati Police chief Senior Supt. Manuel Lukbanas saying that neither has the police received any report of threats

And the FUNNY THING, guys, believe it or not,  Napoles IS SAFER THAN EVER.

More than anyone else, the accused in the plunder cases filed on the basis of the pork barrel scam would be the last ones who would want Napoles dead or hurt.

Simply because they know they would be THE FIRST to be accused of it.

Napoles would also be the MAIN KEY for the accused to prove their innocence if ever it turns out that there’s nothing incriminating and solid against them in the 175,000 pages of evidence submitted to the Ombudsman.

Kapunan said Napoles will ask for bail to prepare for her plunder case.

If they are indeed worried of her safety, asking for bail would the MOST STUPID thing to do since Napoles would be OUT IN OPEN AIR and be a lot more easier target.

Kapunan said there have been threats on the life of Napoles ever since she decided “to tell all regardless of who is affected.”

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but I have not read or heard of EVEN ONE STATEMENT OR TESTIMONY by Napoles on the pork barrel scam before anybody or any investigating agency.

Napoles has NOT BEEN EVEN INVITED by anyone or any agency for questioning on the pork barrel scam. So what is Kapunan talking about?

Somebody had better ask Kapunan, too, if she’s with us in this world.30

Saturday, September 21, 2013


It was nothing less than ARROGANCE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER for Justice  Sec. Leila de Lima to tell congressmen that the Office of the Ombudsman should not be pressured into fast-tracking its the investigation into the plunder cases involving the pork barrel scam.

A story in quoted  De Lima as telling congressmen during the budget hearing for her department: “Hindi natin pwede madaliin iyan.”

First and foremost: WHO does De Lima think she is to dictate to congressmen HOW TO THINK on the pork barrel scam? She may be the Justice secretary but that DOESN’T GIVE HER THE RIGHT to immediately junk as erroneous the congressmen’s hopes on the cases.

As we all know, we are all entitled to our opinions and aspirations, and morally bound to respect those of others as well.

Second: De Lima herself said it will be the Ombudsman who will determine if there is probable cause which would warrant the filing of the cases before the Sandiganbayan.

NOT her or her department.

Therefore, she has NO PROFESSIONAL OR MORAL RIGHT to speak for the Ombudsman on what is proper and improper as far as the investigation into the plunder  cases are concerned.

Unless De Lima has also been appointed as spokesperson for the Ombudsman.

Third: As I had pointed out in an earlier blog, the pork barrel scam has been running in media for the past two months or so. But evidence for the plunder cases submitted by De Lima’s people totaled 175,000 pages.

If she and her people can work that fast to file the plunder cases, WHY CAN’T the Ombudsman be just as speedy in determining who deserves to be sued before the Sandiganbayan??

If De Lima will cite their voluminous evidence as the reason, why doesn’t she detail some of her personnel to the Ombudsman.

She and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales can also request anything from PNoy, since the whole country knows how close they are to him, to speed up the process.

If De Lima doesn’t plan to help fast-track the Ombudsman’s job, then she should just SHUT UP. WE DON/T NEED her views as a gauge of how should we appreciate the Ombudsman’s efforts.   
I repeat, she herself had said it’s now up to the Ombudsman. 30

Friday, September 20, 2013


A senior military officer and long-time personal friend of mine gave me this sound reminder a few hours ago: DON’T BE DISTRACTED from Janet Napoles and reports of the pork barrel scam by the fighting in Zamboanga City.

I replied I couldn’t agree more. Consider these, people:

Napoles’ present living conditions is WAY, WAY BELOW the LUXURIOUS lifestyle she has been ACCUSTOMED TO for the past several years –  the size of her detention bungalow compared to her mansion or condominiums, the restriction on her use of mobile phones and luxury appliances, the supposed soldiers’ food she eats, among others.

She has been SUPER RICH for years, and in detention only for LESS THAN A MONTH. Believe me, it would be LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for her to have adjusted to a prisoner’s life that fast.

So let’s all KEEP A TIGHT WATCH on Napoles, ladies and gentlemen.

To residents in the vicinity of Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa, watch out for UNANNOUNCED DEPARTURES of Napoles, especially late at night.

Let’s all join hands in looking for, and monitoring, the various homes or condos of Napoles in case she suddenly appears there. I hope the whistle blowers or their lawyer will release these details in media.

Most of all, let’s keep a close track on the progress of the Napoles case and the speed with which it will be investigated and resolved by the Ombudsman.

Let’s monitor the media (radio, TV and print) round-the-clock to determine if hearings are being held, witnesses or accused are being summoned and what action, if any, is being taken to speed up the probe.

Or if the Napoles case will, suddenly ‘die a natural death,’ or a DEAFENING SILENCE will suddenly fall on the Ombudsman and in media.

For the record, I am NOT BELITTLING the heroism of our soldiers and policemen fighting the MNLF rebels in Zamboanga City. I’m one with all  of you in saluting and praying for them.

Neither am I saying that Napoles is guilty.

I am just reminding everyone that considering the MULTI-BILLION peso criminal enterprise Napoles allegedly ran, she DOES NOT DESERVE ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT in any manner whatsoever.

WE WERE ALL ROBBED of our taxes and other HARD-EARNED payments to this government.

We deserve less than getting our money’s worth through SPEEDY JUSTICE, 30


I can’t help but wonder why 12 days after the Zamboanga City fighting began, the PNoy government HAS NOT ANNOUNCED ANY PROBE of the source of funds which the Moro National Lberation Front (MNLF) has been spending.

Much as I hate to say it, I can’t help asking is the PNoy Government  really THIS INCOMPETENT, or are they DELIBERATELY turning a BLIND EYE on the issue?

First: MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari is NOT, and has NEVER BEEN KNOWN TO BE FILTHY RICH enough to afford financing the Zambo assault at random. It’s also public knowledge that his fighters are mostly COMMONERS or ordinary people who can’t afford to go to battle at their own expense.

So the very BASIC QUESTION is WHERE or from WHOIM did the funds come from? Even a high school kid would readily conceive this.

And any investigator worth his salt would zero in on this angle at the onset.

WITHOUT ENOUGH MONEY, the Zambo City attack would have NEVER TAKEN PLACE. The MNLF would have had no money to buy arms and ammunition, and to pay for other expenses.

Especially the reported P10,000 to P20,000 offer to every fighter.

Even if I don’t have the figures, I would still bet that after 12 days of fighting, the MNLF has already spent tens of millions of pesos already.

Common sense dictates that as long as the money supply of the MNLF is open, there’s NO GUARANTEE when the fighting will really end, and HOW MANY MORE LIVES would be lost.

If the PNoy Government DOES NOT GO DEEP into this, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, OUR HEROIC SOLDIERS AND POLICEMEN are fighting a war WITH nothing less than a SINISTER, agendfa.

May God have mercy on them, and on all of us! 30

Thursday, September 19, 2013


It’s getting more and more vulgar that the Commission on Audit (COA) is, after all, NOTHING LESS than an agency to COVER UP whatever dirt there is in the Aquino  Government by DEMOLISHING THE REPUTATION  of PNoy’s political foes.

A story in says the COA is set to release an explosive an audit reporton anomalies in the use of Malampaya funds. Well and good.

But the report covers ONLY the term of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

So the question is WHAT ABOUT THE AQUINO YEARS? WHY NOT RELEASE audit reports on the use of Malampaya funds after PNoy became president?

I’M NOT SAYING that the Arroyo Administration is clean. All my 300 plus blogs will show that I have never done that. But if we, the people, are to find out what supposedly happened during the Arroyo presidency, THE MORE should we be informed of what has been going on in the PNoy Government.

PNoy has been president for three years. So the COA should be just as ready with at least one audit report of the Malampaya fund under his watch.

If the COA will say that their Malampaya audit reports under PNoy are already in their website, then they have to JUSTIFY why are they not releasing it as well. They had better CITE A LAW which EXEMPTS audit reports under the Aquino Government from being released to the media, and the public.

If they can’t cite a law or any LEGAL BASIS, then the COA had better have an air-tight explanation why are they only coming out with supposed Malampaya fund anomalies during the Arroyo presidency.

Are they UNDER ORDERS from anybody, or are they simply and despicably BIASED?

I am emphasizing BIASED  because in the Napoles exposes on pork barrel anomalies, the period covered was ONLY the Arroyo Administration.

Asked about the PNoy years, COA Chairman Grace Tan said the audit reports are already in their website. But up to now, THEY HAVE NOT RELEASED these to media, and are showing no signs of doing so.

Now, here comes supposed fraud involving the Malampaya  funds but again, only during the Arroyo presidency.

If Tan will say that the PNoy presidency has been IMMACULATELY CLEAN so far with pork barrel and Malampaya funds, then the more should she release audit reports for it to the public.

Otherwise, it would be FOOLISH to give a 100 percent rating for her and the COA’s INTEGRITY.

And safe to assume that Tan and the COA does not now the meaning of FAIR PLAY. 30

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is NOTHING LESS THAN PROOF OF A SHAMELESS LIE by the Aquino Government on the raging Zambianga City fighting.

A story in said the Aquino government had asked the help of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to “help in any way” to end the crisis.

But the almost daily press statements of the Aquino Government proudly declare that the Zambo attackers form the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) have been practically beaten, even supposedly almost out of bullets as claimed by the military.

Then WHY THE HELL ASK for the OIC’s help if the attackers are really losing?

Even a Grade 6 student will readily realize that a person will only ask for help in a fight if he or she CANNOT BEAT the enemy, If the person is indeed crushing the enemy to defeat, he or she would be more than wiling to show it to the world and take any and all rightful credits for it.

By appealing to the OIC for help in ending the Zambo fighting, the Aquino Government ONLY PROVED to one and all that IT’S HELPLESS against the MNLF.

And that it’s INCOMPETENT ENOUGH to correctly and effectively stop and solve the crisis.

Most of all, the appeal for help to the OIC was NOTHING LESS THAN AN INSULT to our heroic soldiers and policemen who have died or gotten wounded in trying to wipe out the MNLF attackers.

The appeal was NOTHING LESS than an indirect way of telling the OIC “Hey, guys, please help us. Our soldiers and policemen can’t do the job, or are taking too long to finish it.”

Nothing else could be WORSE.

If Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Deles and the rest of her people could not do or DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO their jobs, they should have DECENCY AND CIVILITY TO RESIGN.

Heroic soldiers and policemen have lost their lives, along with innocent civilians. Reports say TENS OF THOUSANDS of Zamboanga City who had been forced to evacuate are now going hungry.

CONDESCENDING AND HYPOCRITICAL OFFICIALS WITH EMPTY BRAINS will not stop the fighting, and solve all the problems it had created. 30


The lawyer of the pork barrel scam whistle-blowers has VIRTUALLY CLEARED Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla of the plunder case they are facing over the anomaly.

Lawyer Levito Baligod admiited in an story today that NONE OF THE SENATORS received money personally from Napoles.


Again, for those who don’t know, a major requirement of plunder is THE ACCUSED RECEIVED MONEY from the principal in an illegal transaction.

If the senators didn’t receive money, WHAT are they liable for?

Baligod alleged the senators used their subordinates to receive money from Napoles or her staff.

Assuming this is true, IT DOES NOT PROVE that the money ended up in the pockets of the three senators. All that the senators have to do is DENY that they received money from their subordinates.

Again, assuming this is true, there is the possibility that the subordinates POCKETTED THE MONEY. The senators can readily say that they didn’t even know that money was coming from Napoles.

Baligod claimed the whistle-blowers will narrate how Gigi Reyes, Enrile’s  former chief of staff, communicated with Napoles.

Again assuming this is true, Baligod had better have solid, indisputable proof that the conversations were specifically about kickbacks or commissions from Enrile’s pork barrel to supposedly bogus non-government organizations of Napoles.

I am not a lawyer but I will dare say that unless Baligod and the whistle-blowers have SPCIFIC, UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE, the filing of plunder cases against them is NOTHING LESS THAN A MONUMENTAL CIRCUS.

That the supposed 175,000 pages of evidence against Enrile, Revilla and Estrada are ONE THICK PILE OF TRASH.

As to why the cases were hastily filed, your guess is as good as mine.

I am NOT trying to defend the three senators I don’t work for anyone of them and anybody can verify this anytime. I am simply reacting to the Napoles we are facing.

A circus being staged at our expense. A circus trying to make fools out of us.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I see SIX VERY CRITICAL LOOPHOLES in the denial by Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda of former Sen. Kit Tatad’s newspaper article that PNoy had lunch with Janet Napoles in Malacanang last Aug. 28, when she hasn’t officially surrendered to him yet.

First and foremost: Lacierda DID NOT CATEGORICALLY DENY that Napoles was indeed in Malacanang that day.  The only thing he denied was the supposed lunch between her and PNoy.

Second: Lacierda DID NOT CATEGORICALLY DENY Tatad’s claim that Napoles arrived in Malacanang at 10:30 a,m, that day WITH HIM.

Third: Lunch is the core of the controversy, but Lacierda DID NOT CITE WHERE PNoy had lunch that day and WITH WHOM!

Fourth: Lacierda may have given PNoy’s schedule that day, but he DID NOT ACCOUNT FOR HIS WHEREABOUTS DURING LUNCHTIME.

Fifth: Considering the sensitivity of the issue, Lacierda DID NOT PRESENT EVEN ONE WITNESS who can belie Tatad’s story.

Sixth: Lacierda also DID NOT CATEGORICALLY DENY Tatad’s claim that he and Napoles left Malacanang together at 4:30 p.m. that day.

Even if Lacierda’s denial is as weak as a DYING PERSON, I will not give a categorical assessment of the issue.

Instead, I will appeal to each and everyone who may have accurate information on this controversy to REVEAL IT AT ONCE, whether in person, through media, the Internet or any other means possible.

DON’T take this PNoy-Napoles lunch controversy lightly, people. And I mean every letter of it.

For the simple reason that f it is true, then it’s INDISPUTABLE PROOF that PNoy is LOOKING AFTER Napoles’ welfare and extending to her all the favors he could.

How else will you describe lunch between the President of the country and a fugitive, the supposed MASTERMIND of a P10-billion CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE with our hard-earned taxes as the loot?

If that’s the case, WE SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED if Napoles would be cleared f everything in the porlk barrel scam,! 30


The declaration by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales that It may take a year before cases against those linked to the alleged P10-billion pork barrel scam can be filed before the Sandiganbayan is both SURPRISING and SUSPICIOUS.  

Considering the amount involved and the personalities named, it’s SURPRISING why Morales is seemingly GIVING LITTLE IMPORTANCE to the case.


No mention of hiring ADDITIONAL LAWYERS OR PROBERS to speed up the investigation, or of requesting for the same from other government agencies.

No announcement of working on the case beyond regular hours to finish the task as soon as possible.

NO NOTHING! As if the Napoles case is just another ordinary case.

In a Senate hearing earlier today, Morales said her people will have to go over boxes of evidence submitted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

As I had written in my preceding blog, Justice Sec. Leila de Lima claimed that the evidence total 175,000 pages.

The Napoles exposes began more or less two months ago or approximately 60 days. That means De Lima and her people went over and finished evaluating more than 2,500 PAGES OF EVIDENCE A DAY.

If De Lima can work that fast, WHY NOT Morales?

THE LONGER the Ombudsman probe, THE LONGER JUSTICE WILL BE DENIED and THE CULPRITS behind the pork barrel scam remain FREE.

And let’s not forget the possibility of the culprits having more time to come up with ALL SORTS OF GIMMICKS, FORGERIES or other illegal means to GET OFF THE HOOK!


Bottom line, we’re the BIGGEST LOSERS. Not the accused. Not the Government, Not just anybody else.

Think about it, people. 30

Monday, September 16, 2013


I hate to say this but this early, I see BIG TROUBLE in the government’s plunder case against Janet Napoles, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla Jr, Jinggoy Estrada and their co-accused.

And for the record, this is NOT IN DEFENSE of the accused. This is a PERSONAL ALARM I’m ringing against what I had written in my preceding blog as a MONUMENTAL WASTE of resources for a massive publicity stunt.

The whistleblowers’ lawyer, Levito Baligod, said the pieces of evidence include special allotment release orders (SARO), memorandums of agreement, notices of cash allocations, legislators' endorsement letters, project proposals, receipts, and disbursement vouchers.

I’m not a lawyer but I will dare say that I can’t imagine how these kinds of evidence will prove BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT a key element of plunder – the accused POCKETTED part of the proceeds of the transaction, or had gained personally from it.

Think about these, people:

SAROs and notices of cash allocations DO NOT INDICATE that the senator or congressman concerned gets a commission from it.

The same thing applies to letters of endorsement by legislators, disbursement vouchers, project proposals and memorandums of agreement. It’s also not illegal to write an endorsement letter.

So I can’t help but worry this early about HOW can the supposed commissions or kickbacks of the accused senators being heralded by Justice Sec. Leila de Lima be proven.

Remember, guys, our laws convict suspects on INDISPUTABLE PHYSICAL PROOF. And not just ON THE WORDS of witnesses.

A lot of the non-government organizations linked to Napoles and the scam have turned out to be bogus, yes. But still, this doesn’t prove that the accused legislators ILLEGALLY EARNED COMMISSIONS from funds released to them

Even if the evidence is indeed 175,000 pages thick as claimed by Baligod, it would be WORTHLESS if it can’t prove that the accused pocketted part of the proceeds from the pork barrel scam..

Which leads me to my other concern.

The Napoles exposes began some two months ago (anybody correct me if I’m wrong). And there have been COUNTLESS TIMES wherein both De Lima and Malacanang repeatedly said cases will be filed only when the evidence is strong enough for a conviction.

So it would be interesting to find out HOW did De Lima and her people, like the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), evaluate 175,000 PAGES of evidence and concluded that these are strong enough in just two months more or less.

Two months is approximately 60 days. That would mean an average of 2,000 plus pages a day.


No question about it, 175,000 pages of evidence is sweet music to the ears. But keep in mind people, the bottom line is are these USEFUL FOR THE CASE.

I have at least two more upcoming blogs on the Napoles plunder case. 30


As the Aquino Government and the lawyer of the whistleblowers in the pork barrel scam continue to boast of a strong case, here’s hoping that the evidence is as STRONG as they claim to be.

STRONG AND AUTHENTIC enough to warrant a conviction of those who should be jailed for this multi-billion criminal enterprise.

First: The evidence should be INDISPUTABLE PROOF that the accused senators and congressmen POCKETTED their supposed commissions from the scam or had GAINED PERSONALLY from it, as required under the law.

I sincerely hope that the supposed boxes of evidence contain documentary or physical proof that the supposed commissions of the senators and congressmen had indeed come from Napoles and their pork barrel funds.

That they were able to buy properties or assets and valuables out of these supposed commissions.

And that the evidence has been proven BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT as genuine by concerned government agencies, professionals and individuals.

For the simple reason that strong as they appear to be, the evidence would be WORTHLESS if these turn out to be FAKE, Instead of conviction, the evidence would lead to ACQUITTAL.

I raise this concern because if you’ll recall, guys, then Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano claimed several years ago to have seven or so boxes of proof of hidden accounts of then First Gentleman Mike Arroyo in a German bank.

But eventually, no less than the bank issued a statement categorically saying that Arroyo does not have any account with them.

I also find it both amazing and surprising how boxes of evidence of the pork barrel scam were accumulated despite the issue’s daily coverage by media.

I just forgot who but somebody claimed to media that Napoles had ordered the SHREDDIING of documents before the scam was blown wide open in media.

And it’s common sense to assume that any person, government agency or private entity who figured they would be linked to the scam would have also destroyed possible proof they were keeping.

I repeat, I am for convictions of those responsible for the scam.

What I’m against is a MONUMENTAL WASTE of government time and resources on what could still be a massive publicity gimmick. 30

Sunday, September 15, 2013


There is reason for skeptics to think that the Zamboanga crisis is a bloody diversionary tactic to take the public eye away from the Janet Napoles exposes.

First: Despite the fact that the rebels have been positively identified as Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters, its PUBLICLY known chairman Nur Misuari HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED.

Neither has Misuari been CHARGED or invited for questioning.

Despite the fact that close to 60 PEOPLE – civilians, soldiers and policemen – have been killed, and a similar number have been wounded. And most of all, TENS OF THOUSANDS have been forced to leave their homes due to the fighting.

Second: The crisis erupted at a time when pictures of PNoy and Senate President Franklin Drilon with the Napoleses came out in media, and more and more details of the pork barrel scam are coming out.

Third: It’s puzzling why the thousands of soldiers and policemen which the PNoy government itself has announced as having been sent to the battle still find it extremely difficult to defeat the MNLF rebels.

I have not read even one news report that the MNLF rebels are also in the thousands. And I don’t think our heroes in uniform are that incompetent either.

Fourth: From almost DAILY UPDATES on Napoles, including the food she eats, the PNP has fallen silent on her. Except for the Senate testimony by whistleblower Benhur Luy, Napoles has been all but out of the limelight since the Zamboamga crisis.

I’m not saying that the  Zamboanga fighting deserves less attention and exposure that Napoles and her supposed criminal enterprise. By all means, th Pnoy government should inform us of what’s happening there as much as they did on Napoles.

What I’m driving at, ladies and gentlemen, is DON’T BE DISTRACTED by the Zamboanga crisis.

Let’s all GLUE our eyes and ears on the Napoles exposes, for as long as it takes and REGARDLESS of whatever else happens anytime, anywhere. NO MATTER HOW SERIOUS OR BLOODY.

DON’T FORGET, guys, the BILLIONS OF PESOS stolen and pocketed in the pork barrel scam ARE OURS --. the countless taxes and fees we pay to this government and other sources.

ALL OF US Filipinos were ROBBED, OR SWINLED, in the pork barrel scam. Not just a few thousands but all of us.

Regardless of status in life, the people behind the scam, MUST BE JAILED.

But DON’T EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN,  definitely not at the soonest possible time, if we take our eyes off it and leave  it entirely ikn the hands of the PNoy Government.

It will be the BIGGEST MISTAKE we will all commit.  Believe me!  30

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte has just raised a lot of questions on PNoy’s discretionary funds that both of them must detail and account for IMMEDIATELY.

This is an excerpt from a story in yesterday, quoting Valte:

“Hindi mambabatas ang Pangulong Aquino, he is the chief executive (and as such), he is tasked to be the implementer of the programs of the executive para makatulong sa kababayan."

Valte added that Aquino’s work requires him to have funds that will address events that are not anticipated.Now, first and foremost:

WHERE ARE THE RECORDS, AND SUPPORTING DOCMENTS, of the funds that PNoy has spent so far since he became president?  WHERE OR TO WHOM did the monies go to?

WHERE IS THE PROOF that the funds were spent LEGALLY, and had gone to the rightful beneficiary (ies) and not into the pockets, bank accounts or personal interests of specific individuals?

I wouldn’t know the exact amount but I will dare say that three years into the PNoy presidency, we’re talking of at the very least TENS OF BILLIONS of pesos.

Anybody, including those from Malacanang, correct me if I’m wrong.

Valte said PNoy is the implementer of programs of the Executive branch of government, which he heads, “para makatulong sa bayan.”

But Valte DID NOT CITE EFVEN ONE of the supposed programs.

And apart from immediately coming out with details of these supposed programs, PNoy and Valte should PROVE THE LEGALITY, and JUSTIFY the importance  of these.

Remember, people, EVERY DEPARTMENT of the government HAS ITS OWN PROGRAMS to help us ordinary citizens in everything we need for a better life.

So WHAT ELSE can or must PNoy do for the welfare of the people that his entire Cabinet  cannot do, or have not been doing?  What law, IF ANY, allows this special  privilege to him?

On Valte’s claim that PNoy’s work requires him to have funds to address events that had not been anticipated, I ask EXACTLY WHAT EVENTS are these?

Remember, boys and girls: 

We NEVER SAW PNoy at the height of almost, if not all of the typhoons and natural calamities that killed hundreds of our countrymen and devastated various areas nationwide.

He will only appear, especially in media AFTER THE CALAMITY,

Now, Dinky Soliman’s Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS at their disposal for disaster relief efforts.

And I have NEVER HEARD OR READ of PNoy using his discretionary funds for any unforeseen events since he became president. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

So again, what events is Valte talking about?

PNoy’s discretionary funds ARE FROM OUR TAXES, and the countless fees and contributions we pay to his government for our needs. So don’t take this lightly, people.

Include this when you hit the streets again to demand that PNoy give up his discretionary monies. 30