Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I have been accused by a handful of being a paid writer of Vice-President Jejomar Binay following my preceding blog “THERE’S MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE IN BINAY CIRCUS!”

Despite my CATEGORICAL statement that I do not work for Binay in any manner whatsoever and ANYBODY CAN VERIFY THIS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE AND FROM ANYONE.

I repeat those words. And allow me to add the following, ladies and gentlemen, sa Tagalog para mas lalong maintidihan:

HINDI KO SINABI KAILANMAN na inosente si Bise-Presidente Binay sa mga paratang laban sa kaniya. Nasabi ko na minsan na HANGGANG NGAYON, WALA PANG MAIPAKITANG EBIDENSIYA NA HINDI NA MAIKAKAILA ni Binay ang sinuman.

Pero HINDI AKO NANAWAGAN KAHIT KAILAN na itigil na ang pagdinig nina Senador Koko Pimentel. Alan Cayetano at Antonio Trillanes 

Kaya paano ako naging tao ni Bise-Presidente?

Sa ayaw at sa gusto ninuman, isa tayong demokrasyang bansa na ang BASEHAN NG KATOTOHANAN AY EBIDENSIYA, HINDI SALITA LAMANG O DAMI NG PRESS RELEASE ng isang panig.

Ngayon, tulad ng sinabi ko sa blog ko tungkol kau Trillaes bilag isang publicity seeker, siya at sia pimental at Cayetano ay nasa Senado HINDI LAMANG para kay Binay.

Nasa Senado sila para sa mga karapatan at kapakanan ng BUONG SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO.

Subalit mula nang simulan ngtatlong senador ang pagdinig sa mga akusasyon laban klay Binay, WALA NA TAYONG IBANG NABALITAAN O GINAWA NILA kundi ito.

Itama ako ninuman kung mali ako. Pero Isipin  ninyo ito, mga kababayan:

Isang taon na ang TULUY-TULOY NA PAGHIHIRAP ng daan-daang libo o milyon pang biktima ni super bagyong ‘Yolanda.’

Kailan ninyo nabalitaan o nakita ang snuman kina Pimentel, Trillanes at Cayetano na nagsalita tungkol sa kung paano matutulungan ang mga biktima? Kailan ninyo nabalitaan na kahit  minsan ay personal na nagtungo ang sinuman sa tatlong senador sa mga biktima ni ‘Yolanda’ upang makiramay at ibigay ang anumang maitutulong  nila?

Ako WALA sa parehong katanungan. Kung mali ako ay itama ako ninuman.

Kahit minsan ba ay nabalitaan na ninyo ang sinuman sa tatlong senador na nanawagan ng pagsisiyasat sa DAP, PDAF at iba pang anomalyang diumano’y kinasasangkutan ng mga kakampi ng gobyerno ni PNoy? Ako, kahit minsan hindi.

Pero dito sa mga binigay kong halimbawa, DAAN-DAANG BILYONG PISO at millyun-milyong ang halaga at bilang ng tao na naapektuhan o nagdusa. Na MAS MALAKI AT MAS MARAMNG di hamak sa mga halagang sinisiyasat kay Binay at sa populasyon ng Makati na wala pa raw isang milyon.

Pero HINDI HALOS PINAPANSIN ng tatlong senador.

Panatiko na lamang ni PNoy o santo ang hindi pupuna sa ganitong sitwasyon. Sayang, hindi ako santo. 30

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It’s getting clearer that there’s more than meets the eye in the circus that is the Senate sub-committee probe of alleged corrupt acts of Vice-President Jejomar Binay.

With no less than PNoy and Senate Presiident Fraklin Drilon as the latest artists, apart from subcommittee members  Senators Koko Pimentel, Antonio Trillanes and Alan Cayetano.

Again, this is not in defense of Binay. And I am not working for him in any manner whatsoever and anybody can verify this anytime.

After encouraging the Senate investigation since it started, here comes PNoy suddenly calling for its termination and the presentation of all pieces of evidence against Binay.

But ONLY AFTER Binay backed out from his debate with Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

In asking for the termination of the probe, PNoy pointed out the piecemeal presentation of proof against Binay in the subcommittee.

But it has been the system since the probe started. Why did he wait for Binay to withdraw from the debate first before asking the sub-committee to stop its inquiry?

And without any apparent serious consideration, Pimentel replies faster than lightning that PNoy should not meddle in the probe, the Senate and the Executive which the President heads being co-equal branches of government.

Now, the sub-committee probe has not yet proven anything against Binay beyond reasonable doubt. The Ombudsman s already conducting a similar investigation,

So one can’t help but wonder what makes it so difficult for Pimentel as sub-committee chair to stop the probe and leave it to the Ombudsman.

If it’s not for the continued and lengthy media exposure, Pimentel had better have air-tight justification on what else is there that only the subcommittee can uncover or resolve in the accusations against Binay.

To put it simply, what makes Pimentel’s sub-committee SO INDISPENSABLE IN FINDING OUT THE TRUTH?

A story in quoted Drilon as saying that he cannot, and does not have the authority, to stop the probe.

Wow, Drilon’s the Senate BIG BOSS and he does not have any authority over the actions of his subordinates. ANO SIYAN G KLASENG BOSS or anong klaseng sistema meron sa Senado?

Believe me, people, there are a LOT MORE that we ordinary mortals don’t know about in the Binay controversy.

Whatever are these, one thing’s for sure”these will affect our political and daily lives in the days to come, all the way t the 2016 elections.  30



This is the picture behind the PUBLICITY HOUND, OR SEEKER, in  Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE TALES he comes out with just to land in the newspapers.

Trillanes now says that hen Makati Mayor, Jejomar Binay had conspired with his  Magdalo group of renegade soldiers in an attempt to overthrow then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007.

In a story in, Trillanes alleged that Binay failed to produce a crowd of supporters for his group after they walked out of a court hearing to seek Arroyo’s ouster.

Trillanes claimed that in a meeting in the office of the trial judge, Binay promised to mobilize the employees of Makati City Hall, the urban poor, the students of the University of Makati, Makati traffic enforcers and police to support them.

But when they walked out of their trial, Trillanes said neither Binay nor his supporters were in sight.

Point No. 1:  Unless it could be proven that he was stupid enough to do so, Binay would not even dream of co-organizing a coup then against GMA because he knows he DID NOT ENJOY NATIONAL POPULARITY THAT CAN ATTRACT THE SUPPORT OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS.

Point No. 2: Even high school students are aware that no one can successfully lead a coup with only the residents of just a medium-sized city like Makati

Point No. 3: Being in the Opposition then, Binay was surely aware that he did not have enough influence to escape criminal liability for a coup that was more likely to fail than succeed.

Point No. 4: Trillanes did not cite any reward or gain for Binay should the coup succeed. And no veteran lawyer-politician like Binay would dare join a coup without anything concrete in return.

Unless, as I had said earlier, Trillanes can prove that Binay was stupid enough to do so.  Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

But consider this, ladies and gentlemen: Trillanes has been coming out in media NON-STOP with all sorts of allegations against Binay, and to date HAS NOT PROVEN ANYTHING BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.

Neither has he presented any INDISPUTABLE PROOF of his claims. And one thing for sure, he’s not in the Senate just to attack Binay.

If Trillanes has the stomach this early to attack the reputation of anybody anytime he wishes to even without rock-solid evidence, what more if he would be elected to higher office?

I repeat, I am not trying to defend Binay. Neither am I working for the vice-president in any capacity whatsoever.  Anybody can verify this anytime.30


Vice-President Jejomar Binay has just KISSED HIS PRESIDENTIAL BID GOODBYE.

With his decision to back out from his debate with Sen. Antonio Trillanes, a confrontation  which  HE HIMSELF HAD CALLED  FOR,  Binay has JUST  LOST any and all sense of FIRMNESS IN DECISION-MAKING.

And along with it, SIINCERITY AND CREDIBILITY in his pronouncements.

Two of the MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES any president must have if he or she is to rule the country.

I am NOT for Trillanes, or for any other possible opponent  of Binay.

But if Binay CAN’T STAND BY HIS WORD, on a simple debate, a challenge he himself had raised, HOW CAN WE EXPECT HIM TO BE FIRM in dealing with more sensitive matters of state like national security and sovereignty?

Or even with situations which will require ENCOMPASSING, TOUGH and LONG-TERM DECISIONS like governance or graft and corruption?

It is true that as a lawyer, he’s more trained and experienced in debates. But for him to use this as the justification in withdrawing from the debate is, to put it mildly, IRRESPONSIBLE.

For the simple reason that Binay knew it all along, and should not have called for the debate in the first place.  

Instead of generating a chivalrous image for him as he’s trying to project, Binay’s reason reflected RECKLESSNESS AND HASTE in the way he thinks, which is a ‘NO-NO’  if  one is to lead a nation.

Not only did Binay dig his own presidential grave, he has just TOTALLY ERODED THE MOST LEGITIMATE CHANCE he could have to prove his accusers of fraud wrong.

While giving his detractors a  mountain of ammunition to PULVERIZE his political ambition to tohe wind.

Mar Roxas must be smiling from ear to ear. 30

Monday, November 10, 2014


Ngayon pa lang,  IPAGTANGGOL AT TULUNGAN na natin ang Santo Papa laban sa PAMBABASTOS AT PANGAABALA na daranasin niya sa kaniyang pagbisita sa mga biktima ng bagyong ‘Yolanda’ kapag isinara ang Tacloban City Airport sa mga malalaking eroplanong tulad ng kaniyang sasakyan.

Taga-Taclobvan man o hindi ay mayroong magagawa.

Sa mga taga-Tacloban, ngayon pa lamang ay tulungan na ninyo ay pamahalaang lokal sa PAGHAHANAP NG IBANG MAAARING LAPAGAN ng eroplano ng Santo Papa.

Kung may makikita kayo ay agad ninyong ipagbigay-alam sa mga lokal na opisyal, at kayo ay tumulong sa anumang dapat gawin upang maihanda agad ang naturang lugar sa pagdating ng Santo Papa.

Mabigat man o magaan ang  magiging gawain.

Kung walang pagkakasyahan ang sasakyan ng Santo Papa, magplano na kayong lahat (mamamayan man o lokal na opisyal) kung ano ang alternatibong maari niyang sakyan na angkop sa paglalapagan.

Kung kinakailangan, mangako na ngayon pa lang ang mga mayayaman na ipagagamit nila ang  anumang alternatibong sasakayan na mayroon sila.

Kung kailangang magrenta, tumulong ang mga mayayaman sa lokal na pamahalaan sa gastusin at magdonasyon din ang sambayanan para mas mabilis na maipon ang kakailanganing halaga.

Sa mga hindi naman taga-Tacloban, tuluy-tuloy tasyong magmatyag at sumubaybay sa mga nangyayari sa mga biktima ni ‘Yoalnda’ at regular natin itong ipaalam sa Santo Papa.

Paano? Alamin natin ang website ng Vatican na siang tirahan at tanggapoan ng Santo papa sa Roma sa Italya. O kaya ay ang website ng kaniyang kinatawan dito sa Pilipinas, ang tanggapan ng Papal Nuncio.

Ms maganda, mga kababayan, kung ang maipapabatid nati sa Santo Papa ay masasamahan natin ng mga litrato blang ebidensiya.

Ngayon pa lamang ay dapat kumilos na ang lahat ng taga-Tacloban, pati na ang iba pang mga taga-Leyte.

Kailangang matiyak nila na makakarating doon ang Santo Papa at makakausap sila ng personal tungkol sa tunay nilang kalagayan matapos ang trahedyang idinulot ng ‘Yolanda.

Kabilang sa biyayang dala ng Santo Papa ay ang kaniyang pagbasbas at panalanging idedrecho niya sa Panginoon base sa mga katotohanang ipaaalam ninyo sa kaniya.
HUWAG KAYONG PATALO SA KAPRITSO ng gobyerno ni PNoy na pagsasara ng inyong airport at  paglipat nito sa Palo, na KONTROLADO ng kaalyado ni PNoy

Lalo pa at PINASINUNGALIGAN na ng Japan International Cooperation Agency ang mga pahayag ng gobyerno ni PNoy na sa kanila  nanggaling  ang pagaarala na nagrerekoemna ng pagsasara ng Tacloban City Airport at paglipat nito. 30.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Tanggapin man o hindi ng Malacanang, PAMBABASTOS SA SANTO PAPA ang plano nilang pagasara ng Tacloban City Airport at paglilipat nito sa bayan na kontrolado ng KAALYADO NI PNOY.

PAMBABASTOS hindi lang sa Santo Papa kundi pa na rin sa mga biktima ng bagyong si ‘Yolanda.’

ILANG BUWAN na ang nakalilipas mula nang makumpirma ang pagdating ng Santo Papa sa Enero sa isang taon.

Kasama na rito ang DERECHAHANG pahayag ng Santo Papa na GUSTO NIYANG MAKASAMA ANG MISMONG MGA BIKTIMA ni ‘Yolanda,’ at wala nang iba pa, sa isang kainan ss Tacloban City.

At kay PNoy na rin mismo galling na ang pagaaral na nagbibigay-katwiran para sa isang bagong airport ay nasa kaniyang mga kamay na PAGKATAPOS MISMO ng paghagupit ni ‘Yolanda.’

Pero makaraan ang isang taon, NGAYON LANG ISASARA ang Tacloban City Airport, kung kalian PARATING NA ANG SANTO PAPA.

Imbes na GAWING MAS MABILIS AT MAS KOMPORTABLE para sa Santo Papa ang kaniyang pagbisita sa mga biktima ni ‘Yolanda,’ HAHARANGIN O PAHIHIRAPAN nila ito.


WALA NANG BALAK GUMASTOS ang gobyerno ni PNoy para sa anumang dapat gawin Tacloban City Airport upang walang anumang maging sagabal o problema sa pagdating ng Santo Papa.

Pero handa silang GUMASTOS NG P12 BILYON para sa bagong airport sa bayan ng kaalyado ni PNoy. Kung hindi pa rin ito PAMBABASTOS sa Santo Papa  para sa mga panatiko ni PNoy, kaawaan nawa kayo ng Panginoon.

Taglay ng Santo Papa ang BASBAS AT PANALANGIN NA KAILANGANG KAILANGAN  ng mga biktima ni ‘Yolanda,’ pati na ng kanilang mga mahal sa buhay na namatay sa trahedya.

Pero WALANG PAKIALAM ang gobyerno ni PNoy.

Kaya’t isama na ninyo rito ang PATAK-PATAK na tulong at USAD PAGONG na rehabilitasyon at kung hindi pa rin ito PAMBABASTOS sa mga biktima ni ‘Yolanda,” mas lalo na sanang kaawaan nig Diyos ang mga panatiko ni PNoy.

Lalo na ang ating bansa. 30

Saturday, November 1, 2014


These are excerpts from a story in citing some of the highly questionable or unexplained last-minute insertions in the 2015 national budget which had been raised by my friend ABAKADA Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz:

P200 billion in un-programmed funds.

P2 billion for tablets for the departments of Health, Social Welfare and Development, Agriculture, Labor, Transportation and Communications and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and other several agencies without any details as to how many would be the beneficiaries, what  are these for and how was the P2 billion arrived at.

Why should the DSWD be given tablets when it has not submitted audited reports on disbursements form the Conditional Cash Transfer program.

P3.281 billion for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings next year without a single explanation on specifically what’s the money for and how will it be spent.

Almost P1 billion for new positions in 12 government agencies without any list or justification that did not carry any list of how many positions were to be created per agency ad what for.

P118 billion in miscellaneous personnel services benefit funds for pensions, gratuity and retirement benefits of military generals,and for employees who would be displaced by the government’s rationalization program,  but both without any list of the beneficiaries.

Now, think about these, boys and girls:

These are not just simple lapses in the national budget. I’m a million percent sure that Budget Sec. Butch Abad and his people will not ADMIT TO INCOMPETENCE OR STUPIDITY in overlooking something as SENSITIVE AND HUGE as these HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF INSERTIONS.

These insertions have just OPENED THE GATES TO MASSIVE PLUNDER, THEFT or call it whatever you like of the HARD-EARNED TAXES and other PAYMENTS we will be making to PNoy’s government next year,

Since there are no justifications or other details on how these hundreds of billions will be spent or used, WE HAVE NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER that these will not be POCKETTED by government people.


WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING if they DON’T WANT TO JUSTIFY these hundreds of billions.  If we won’t pay, they can punish us in a hundred ways.

This is the kind of government which PNoy WANTS US TO KEEP in 2016 when he steps down as president. If HE’S NOT LYING, and a MAN OF HIS WORD.,

It’s up to us, people! 30