Thursday, November 29, 2012


PNoy’s boys are trumpetitng far and wide the supposed 7.1 percent  growth in the economy for the third quarter.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda even claimed in a press conference yesterday that the government believes the people are feeling the gains from the economic growth.

I’m not an economist. I won’t say that there’s no  growth but here are few observations, and questions:

Dollar inflows from overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector were among the main reason citedfor the supposed growth.

Huwag nating kalimutan na ang mga OFW ay SUMUSUWELDO MULA SA KANILANG MGA AMO SA IBANG BANSA, HINDI DITO. Kaya kung lumaki man ang halaga ng naipapadala nila, iyun ay dahil sa EKONOMIYA NG BANSANG KANILANG KINAROROOAN, at hindi dahil sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas.

Ang BPO sector naman ay mga taga-ibang bansa rin ang KARAMIHAN sa mga customer.

Unless PNoy’s boys can present VERIFIABLE  RECORDS that the BPO sector catered to a lot more Filipino customers than foreigners, IT’S ABSURD to claim economic growth out of it.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

Government spending, and its repercussions like new jobs, was another supposed proof of the economic growth.

Tandaan natin, mga kababayan:

Magmula nang maging Presidente si PNoy, IISA PA LAMANG ang naitala at nakita nating Sambayanan na imprastrasktura napatapos ng gobyerno niya. Ito ay ang underpass sa Araneta Quezon City.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

Other than that, PNoy’s government practically SPENT NOTHING on infrastructure projects and other basic needs of the people. 

Sa halip, puro BAWAS SA BUDGET ng iba’t-ibang ahensiya o proyekto ang pinaggagawa nila. Kaya para sabihing gumanda ang ekonomiya dahil sa paggastos ng gobyerno ay para na ring sinabing SI PNOY ang dahilan.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) itself reported that as of July this year, 7 percent of the population or 2.83 million people were jobless. The following month, a survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed that  47 percent of the people considered themselves poor.


Kaya PAANONG NANGYARING lumago pa ang ekonomiya ng 7.1 percent sa panahon ding iyun?

Lastly, consumer spending was also cited as proof of economic growth.

Mga tanong:

Gaano ba ang itinaas ng halaga ng ginagastos ngmga tao? TUMAAS BA ang suweldo ng mga manggagawa? Kung tumaas man, gaano kalaki?  DUMAMI BA ang bilang ng mga nakapag-aral? BUMABA na ba ang presyo ng mga bilihin kaya’t mas marami ang nabibil ng sambayanan?    

I repeat, I’M NOT SAYING that there has been no growth.


Monday, November 26, 2012


Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Sec. Dinky Soliman had better have a DETAILED, AIR-TIGHT and JUSTIFIABLE explanation for all these BILLIONS.

And if Pnoy and his boys will still clear Soliman without question, like others before her,  ang patuloy na maniniwala kay PNoy, dapat nang magpatinigin sa isip. No offense meant.  

First and foremost, the Commission on Audit (COA) reported that Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) disbursements for 2011 reached P14,486,750,011.28. But ONLY P10,716,588,449.28 was “properly documented and verified.

Meaning, P3.7 BILLION, not just million but billion boys and girls, remain UNACCOUNTED FOR OR MISSING! Hindi malaman kung SAAN NAPUNTA.

Second, banking fees were increased by Soliman from P346 million in 2012 to P633 million in its 2013 budget, or an additional P287 MILLION.

If you divide P633 million by 365 days, that’s more than P1.5 million a day.

A big-time businessman I consulted (big as in companies left and right, here and abroad) reacted without thinking: “Why are there banking fees in the first place? The banks are the ones who should pay interest to the government for holding the CCT money,”

The businessman, and an accountant, told me there is no way anyone will spend more than P1.5 million a day for banking services alone.

“Not unless you will move or transfer hundreds of millions daily to other countries. But remember, the CCT is supposed to be for the Philippines only,” the businessman added

From P3.8 billion in 2012, the DSWD wants to increase the budget for overhead expenses in 
administering the CCT program in 2013 to P4.7 billion.

That is an additional P900 MILLION, or almost P2.5     MILLION DAILY for one whole year.  

ANO ANG KAILANGANG GASTUSAN NG P2.5 MILLION ARAW-ARAW para lamang maipatupad ang CCT? DAANG LIBONG PIRASONG PAPEL ba araw-araw ang magagamit? I

Isang libo ba, 5,000 o 10,000 litro ng gasolina o krudo ba ang makokonsumo ng mga sasakyang gamit araw-araw?   

TONE-TONELADA bang pagkain ang nauubos araw-araw ng mga tauhan ng CCT? DAANG LIBONG PISO bang halaga ng kuryente o tubig ang nakokonsumo araw-araw ng CCT, kung may binabayaran man?

And you know what’s the HYPOCRITICAL, and DEHUMANIZING, part people? In case you missed it in the news?

The DSWD REDUCED BY 92 PERCENT the CCT budget for the Autonomous Region  in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), acknowledged  as one of the poorest of the poor regions in the country.

From P3.5 billion in 2012, the CCT budget for ARMM is now down to a measly P251 million.

But for salaries and wages of CCT personnel, the DSWD wants P610 MILLION MORE for 2013, from P1.87 billion in 2012 to P2.48 billion in 2013

This despite COA findings in its 2011 CCT report that the number of beneficiaries DECLINED compared to the 2010 total.

KUMONTI na nga ang nakinabang sa CCT, gusto pa ni Soliman na TAASAN ang suweldo ng mga tauhan oara dito? ANONG KLASENG KATARANTADUHAN ITO?

Before anybody ignores this issue, think about this:
PERA NG BAYAN ang ginagastos sa CCT. BUWIS AT MGA BAYARIN NATIN sa gobyerno. PERA NATIN! 30

Saturday, November 24, 2012



Former Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras has CATEGORICALLY DECLARED that supposedly anomalous releases from the Malampaya Fund all lead to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), since the release of the money needs the imprimatur of the President.

I won’t say that GMA is innocent. But in fairness to her, think about these, all of you, including PNoy’s supporters:

In the story wherein he was quoted, Almendras DID NOT CITE ANY PROOF that GMA knew that the fund releases were anomalous, and still approved these.
Almendras DID NOT REVEAL ANY EVIDENCE that GMA enriched herself from the fund releases.

Except for a supposed foundation which allegedly got money from the government but did not distribute these to the beneficiaries, Almendras DID NOT POINT OUT ANYTHING which has been PROVEN BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT AS A SCAM.

The side of the foundation's officials have not been obtained yet but the story was the lead in the story.

I’m  NOT SAYING that the foundation is innocent.

In the abs-cbnnews story, Almendras said billions of pesos were spent during the Arroyo Administration on unspecified projects of the departments of Public Works and Highways, Agriculture (DA), Science and Technology, Finance, Interior and Local Government and National Defense.

But he didn’t say that the supposed expenditures were ANOMALOUS. Neither did he cite any evidence to prove this.

In fact, Almendras WEAKENED his own case.

Almendras said under the law, the Malampaya fund must be used for energy-related projects, but it also authorizes the President to use it on any project he or she wishes to finance.

He also admitted that the Commission on Audit has already started its probe on the various projects listed as beneficiaries of the Malampaya Fund.

Therefore, NOTHING YET has been proven anomalous on the supposed use of the fund on non-energy projects.  So WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  Why cite it to media in the first place?

Almendras said the DA obtained more than P5.8 billion for unspecified projects. But HE DID NOT GIVE ANY DETAILS, as in none, to prove that the projects were unspecified, or that the release, and use, of the money was UNLAWFUL.

Suma total. KAHIT WALA PANG EBIDENSIYA, IBIGAY AGAD SA MEDIA  basta puwedeng isabit si GMA.

Sa magalit o matuwa ang mga pro-PNoy, GANIYAN KAAGRABYADO SI GMA sa Gobyernong Aquino. Kumontra na ang gustong kumontra. Siguruhin lang na MAY LAMAN O DETALYE ang argumento ninyo. 30

Thursday, November 22, 2012


A lot of questions immediately entered my mind following the Commission on Elections (Comelec) denial of the bid of PNoy ally Black and White Movement, to join the 2013 party-list polls  

Why did Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes initially withheld the denial from media people? His excuse that the paper work has yet to be done is SUSPICIOUS, to say the least.

For two reasons:

First: If he, as chairman, was so particular with the paperwork, then why didn’t he issue a gag order to the commissioners until the paper work is done?

Making Brillantes’ initial silence more puzzling is his immediate confirmation of the rejection of Black and White Movement’s poll bid after a  slip of the tongue to reporters by Commissioner Lucenito Tagle.

Ico-confirm din pala niya kahit wala pang paperwork, BAKIT HINDI pa si Brillantes mismo ang nagsabi samedia?

Denials of party-list bids by other groups for the 2013 elections were announced in a flash after these were decided on. What makes the Black and White Movement so special to Brillantes?

Second: PNoy appointee Grace Padaca had boasted in media that she will be independent as a Comelec commissioner. Then WHY DID SHE NOT VOTE on the Black and White Movement’s  petition?  

In fairness to the Comelec, their explanation for rejecting the Black and White Movement was CLEAR ENOUGH.

Here are some of its salient points:

Black and White failed to show in its articles of incorporation, by-laws, history and track record that it represents the marginalized sectors of women, urban poor and youth.

The movement’s primary advocacy is good governance.

“(But) while it may have involved women, urban poor and youth in this advocacy, their involvement is merely coincidental to the advocacy for good governance. Black and White failed to mention in its track record its accomplishments pertaining to the women sector.”

Even a high school kid can understand the English used by the Comelec in its ruling. Don’t tell me PADACA COULD NOT.

NASAAN ANG INDEPENDENCE na sinasabi mo, Ms.Padaca?

Black and White, at higit sa lahat ang Batas ang pinaguusapan, HINDI SI PNOY. Bakit HINDI MO MASANGAYUNAN ang maliwanag na .desisyon ng mga kasamahan mo?

To those who would still believe in Padaca, my deepest CONDOLENCES. 30

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


For this piece, allow me to ask you guys a question: Is PNoy regarded highly by his fellow heads of state?

Personally, I don’t. Consider these three humiliating incidents:

In the recent ASEAN Summit in Cambodia, PNoy’s call for a common stand on the Philippines’ territorial dispute with China was CATEGORICALLY REJECTED by his fellow ASEAN leaders.

The Philippines is supposed to be one of the closest allies of the US in Asia. But US President Barrack Obama SKIPPED our country in his current tour of the region.

With NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

If you will remember, PNoy was only given a 30-minute or so audience by Obama when he was received at the White House a few months ago.

Most of all, PNoy was NOT GIVEN AN AUDIENCE by the Queen Mother at Buckingham Palace on his visit to the United Kingdom sometime in June this year.

And let’s not also forget the numerous travel advisories various countries have issued against us since PNoy assumed power.

Before any smart-ass PNoy fanatic asks: So what?,” think about this:

If PNoy enjoys little or no regard at all from his fellow rulers, then we can’t be sure that other heads of states look up to us with the respect any human being deserves.

More importantly, if world leaders have little regard of PNoy, then there’s no assurance that we can get whatever help we’ll need from other countries as fast as possible.

Help with no UNREASONABLE TERMS or conditions, and with genuine concern and wholehearted support for our common good. Whether PNoy likes it or not, WE NEED THE SUPPORT of the world community.

WE NEED THEM MORE than they need us.
The world communityis the one who can really ease, and eventually help solve our country’s problems.

And NOT THE LEFT which PNoy has been PERSONALLY vouching for.30

Monday, November 19, 2012

publicity services for 2013 candidates

Hey, guys, I am still available for publicity services for candidates in next year’s elections or companies in need of additional media exposure at a very reasonable package.

I conceptualize and write press and photo releases, transmit these to my newspaper contacts and facilitate their publication and prepare a compilation of the published materials to the client.

My package of services also includes consultancy or advisories on responses to or preemptive moves against media attacks.

I’m also a Tagalog-English writer and I deal straight with my editor contacts for faster results. The newspapers I work on are Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Pilipino, Star Ngayon, P.M. (the other tabloid of the Star Group), Abante/Abante Tonite,  People’s Journal, People’s Tonight, Manila Standard Today.

For politicians, I am in direct and persona contact with the chairman of a federation of more than 60 non-government organizations in more than 30 provinces nationwide.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte was quoted in a People’s Journal story as saying that so far, THERE IS NO scheduled meeting between PNoy and Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak at the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia on the multi-billion Aman Futures scam.

Specially on how to bring home the mastermind who has been sighted in Malaysia. Valte even specified that: “Magkikita sila pero whether that will be discussed di natin masabi at this point.”

This is nothing less than DOUBLE TALK and HYPOCRISY on the part of Pnoy.

PNoy had vowed justice for Aman’s victims before he flew to the ASEAN Summit.  I remember him promising "Hindi ho tayo titigil." 

And yet, THERE IS NO EFFORT to have even a brief meeting with Najib, the ONLY person who can FAST-TRACK the delivery of that justice.

For those who may have missed it, the Philippines has no extradition treaty with Malaysia. But If Najib himself will order the arrest of the Aman mastermind, there’s no reason why it can’t be done.

Pero PAANO NGA IUUTOS ni Najib kung ayaw man lang TALAKAYIN ni PNoy ang problema sa kaniya? Kung hindI pagiging DOBLE-KARA at KAIPOKRITUHAN ITO ni PNoy, kumontra na ang gustong kumontra.

Malacanang earlier informed media that PNoy has a tight schedule in Cambodia. They’re important meetings, no question about it.

But 15,000 PEOPLE CHEATED of their LIFETIME SAVINGS totaling at least P12 BILLION definitely DESERVES IMMEDIATE AND UNLIMITED ATTENTION, and I mean anytime, anywhere.

I’m not a diplomat. I have never been a diplomat nor have ever worked for one.

But I will still dare say that NO WOLRD LEADER WOULD MIND spending a few extra minutes or hours with a fellow head of state if he or she can help render justice to the victims and bring the master swindler to justice.

Too bad for us, PNoy doesn’t seem to recognize this. This is pursuit of justice, this is pro-poor, PNoy style. 

This is something personal, people: Check out the Helping Hand Central Luzon Group here in Facebook.

It’s a charity organization which extends every possible assistance it can afford to the needy, not only in Central Luzon but anywhere throughout the country.

Actively being supported by our good friend, Gina Tomlin of Virginia, USA, some of Helping Hand’s regular, and I mean regular activities are medical and dental missions, acceptance and distribution of donated medical supplies and disaster relief aid and feeding programs.

They welcome any help from you kind-hearted guys out there. And trust me, whatever you share will go the needy. 30

Friday, November 16, 2012


PNoy has just INSULTED the victims of the MULTI-BILLION peso SWINDLER Aman Futures.

PNoy said the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had started to move against Aman as early as July, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ) in August.

But both agencies were supposedly ignored by investors, with some supposedly even describing the NBI as ‘killjoy.’

Jesus…GAANO KAKAPAL AN\G MUKHA NI PNOY para maatim niyang masabi ito?
It’s just like saying that “Napakatatanga ng mga biktima na NBI at SEC na nagsabi, hindi pa rin nakinig.”

First:  Only an INSANE individual will ignore warnings from the NBI, or any other government agency that they are at risk of being swindled out of their hard-earned money.

NANGINGINIG PANG LALABAS ang mga iyan sa Aman kung sila ay binalaan, at binalaan jng sapat o paulit-ulit. Biglaan man o dahan-dahan. At lalong NASISIRAN NG BAIT lamang ang derechahang magsasabi agad ng ‘killjoy’ sa NBI kahit na pera na nila ang iniingatan nito.

I dare anybody to do just that, either simply because he or she feels like it. I don’t know anybody among the Aman victims. Pero derechahan ko pa ring sasabihin na wala naman sigurong ganoong KAKITID ANG ISIP sa kanila. Kahit  na mga magsasaka  lamang o mga tindera sa palengke.

If iinvestigations had indeed begun as early as July, then let’s ask PNOy for the details.

Like what had been done, what and who were investigated or questioned, what were the initial findings, what was the scope of the probe, what evidence had been gathered and what action had been taken initially by the probers.

Most of all, WHO WERE THE INVESTORS who supposedly described the NBI as ‘killjoy?’

Kung talagang may naging imbestigasyon, WALANG DAPAT MAGING PROBLEMA para maglabas ng mga detalye. Lalo pa’t nakatakas naman na ang mastemind ng Aman. At nasa Malaysia na.

Pero kung walang mailalabas na detalye si PNoy, isa na naman itong PAKAPALAN NG MUKHANG PALUSOT.

Para magmistula pa ring PERPEKTO ANG GOBYERNO NIYA.  Isang gobyernong HINDI NAGKAKAMALI, LAGING WALANG KASALANAN. Pag may kapalpakan, kasalanan ng iba, lalo na ni former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA).
Kumontra na ang gustong kumontra.

I myself admit that \there were some victims of Aman who were too gullible or of very poor intellect that they were eventually swindled by the firm.

But for me, one’s low intelligence quotient (IQ) IS NOT, AND SHOULD NEVER BE A FREE PASS, for insult, directly or indirectly and UNCONDITIIONALLY.

That I cannot, and will never, ignore! 30

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Former Interior and Local Government Sec. Rico Puno must also be investigated for the plane crash that killed his late boss, Jesse Robredo, and two others last August.

Earlier media reports had revealed that Puno was the one who had rented the ill-fated plane,for Robredo’s flight home. This despite the fact that arrangements had been made for Robredo to board another plane.

Just this morning, my sources revealed to me that a highly-influential personality returning to Manila had even agreed to take along Robredo in his own jet and drop the secretary off in Legazpi City.

So did Puno have the plane’s airworthiness checked before he rented it? If yes, by whom and what were the findings?

If he did not, why? Remember, people, the passenger was Robredo, one of the highest officials of the country who deserved all the security measures  availableat the time.

Why did Puno have to rent  a plane in the first place?  

Arrangements had been made for Robredo to board another plane. I don’t have the exact costs but I’m 100 percent sure a commercial flight .is A LOT CHEAPER than renting a plane.

And WHY did it have to be Bahinting’s plane?  Who chose it, and based on what?

Was the rent spontaneous or reserved?  This is crucial because if it had been a reservation, that means Robredo’s use of Bahinting’s plane had been planned all along.

Which will then lead to another question: What’s the plan for?

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but .Puno was not officially investigated for the crash.  
Despite all these hanging issues and questionable actions.

As I’ve said yesterday, guys. it ain’t over TILL EVERY QUESTION has been answered. Keep it in mind. 30   . 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The final investigation report on the plane crash that killed former Interior and Local Government Sec. Jesse Robredo and two others is just as QUESTIONABLE and DEFICIENT as its predecessors.

Fiirst: WHY would the pilot, Captain Jessup Bahinting, fly the plane if he knew that it was UNSAFE, and might endanger his life and those of Robredo, the secretary’s aide and lone survivor Jun Abrasado and  pilot trainee Kshitiz Chand?

Only an insane person would risk his life even if he or she doesn’t have to. And as far as I know, there has been no proof of Bahinting’s mental instability at the time of the tragedy.

Second: PNoy did not mention if the side of Aviatour on the supposed ghost test flight was taken by crash investigators before the final report was prepared.
Was Aviatour’s side taken? If yes, what did the company say? If no, why not?

Third: The right-hand engine propeller of the plane was replaced in November 2011. A report was filed before the CAAP and Airworthiness Inspector Fernando Abalos approved a clearance for a one-hour test flight, followed by a “satisfactory” rating.

Fourth: Assuming that there was indeed no test flight what exactly, or technically, made the plane unsafe?

Fifth: Was the plane flown in the approximately nine months that followed before the crash last August? If yes, and no problem was ever reported, then that means the plane was airworthy at the time of the crash.

Otherwise, Aviatour would have grounded the aircraft long before if it had been problematic after the supposed ‘ghost’ test flight.

A pilot of a businessman whom I had consulted for this blog said that information can be found in the aircraft logbook. Would the investigating body be willing to show the contents of the logbook to the public or to media?

Sixth: The crash report said Aviatour flight instructor Capt. Federico Omolan III was supposedly asked by Bahinting to sign the test flight report even if he did not test it himself.

Did Omolan sign the test flight report? If yes, what will be his liabilities? Why didn’t he speak up right after the crash?

Seventh: Why was there NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of the CONTRADICTORY statements of Abrasado on what happened, especially after the crash? Why did investigators take his statements hook, line and sinker?

Eighth: IS THERE ANY PROOF that Abrasado had told the truth to investigators? Did anybody certify that Abrasado’s word can be taken for what it is?

As I’ve written before, THERE’S MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE in Robredo’s death. 

Even if the report cited by PNoy is the final and official findings by the government on the tragedy.

iT AIN’T OVER till everything’s CLEAR, boys and girls. HUWAG KAYONG PABUBULAG!  


Monday, November 12, 2012


I see THREE DANGERS which may arise in the Supreme Court’s (SC) ruling prohibiting live media coverage of the Maguindanao massacre trial.

First: NOTHING can stop other high-profile or influential people facing court cases now from petitioning the SC for the same purpose, on the same grounds cited by primary massacre suspect Andal Ampatuan Jr.

I just don’t have their exact number but I will dare say they’re in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Once they do, what happens next? Will the SC be ready to act as fast as they did on the petition of Ampatuan Jr? Surely, that is what the other prominent accused will demand.

If the SC isn’t ready and the prominent accused or their kin begin protest actions, what follows?

Second: The ruling can easily trigger CONFUSION AND DISINFORMATION among the public.

With no live media coverage, the people will have to depend only on the interpretation by lawyers from both the prosecution and the defense of what happened in the trial.

Interpretations which, naturally, will all be SELF-SERVING and without a first-hand account or validation by media people themselves, simply because THEY WERE NOT THERE.

Some will say that transcripts of the trial day’s proceedings are with the court. But media people can’t, and would rather not wait if possible, for the court’s staffers to retype the transcript and distribute it.

Sa mga hindi masyadong pamilyar, ang labanan sa media ay kung SINO ANG MAUNANG MAKAPAG-BROADCAST o MAKAPAGLABAS ng balita sa radyo o telebisyon o sa mga dyaryo.

So when erroneous or irresponsible reporting strikes, who’s to blame? Who will be responsible for clearing the air? Remember, boys and girls, media people are prohibited in the trial.

Third:  Having succeeded in prohibiting live media coverage of the trial, God knows what special consideration would Ampatuan Jr. think of next? And how sure are we that he won’t have his way?

Remember, the SC reversed its own ruling in the light of Ampatuan Jr’s petition,

To the families of the massacre victims and to my former colleagues in media: More than ever, HUWAG TAYONG KUKURAP sa usaping ito. 30

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Since advertisements of candidates, particularly senatorial and congressional bets, are steadily increasing, here are some reminders on how to choose WISELY in next year’s elections:

Hanapan ninyo ng TRABAHO o NAGAWA,, KAKAYAHAN o QUALIFICATION, ang LAHAT ng kandidato.

If the candidate is running for re-election, start searching and researching for his or her accomplishments in the Senate or the targeted post. A senator’s PRIMARY JOB is to write proposed laws which can respond to the people’s concerns and to improve the quality of life we have.

Simulan na ninyong magtanong sa mga kakilala o kaibigan, o kaya ay magbasa ng dyaryo o makinig ng balita sa TV at radio, kung kung ano ang ginawa ng kandidato sa nakalipias na tatlo o anim na taon.

Sa mga may sariling computer sa bahay, simulan na nating mag-research sa mga website ng Senado at House of Representatives kung NAGTRABAHO BA O HINDI ang mga kandidatong kinokonsidera natin.

HINDI PORKE MAGANDA o GUWAPO, lalo pa kung nakangiti, ay magaling na.

HINDI RIN PORKE MADALDAL sa harap ng media o walang tigil sa kakabatikos ng kahit na sino, kahit na WALANG EBIDENSIYA, ay karapat-dapat nang iboto.

HINDI MALULUTAS ng kaguwapuhan o kagandahan ng mukha at ngiti, o ng KADALDALALAN lamang, ang mga suliranin ng ating bansa. HINDI MAKAKALIKHA o makapagbibigay ang mga ito ng mga trabaho, makapagpapababa ng presyo ng mga biihin  o tuition sa iskwela o makakahango sa kahirapan ang mga ito.

We are NOT PAYING senators and congressmen WITH OUT TAXES just to stay handsome or pretty, or flash killer smiles at every opportunity. Keep that in mind, people, PLEASE!

Instead of just looking for the prettiest or the most handsome, or the most talkative, choose a candidate with BRAINS and appropriate QUALIFICATIONS.

DON’T VOTE for a candidate for senator or congressman who has VERY, VERY LITTLE or NO BACKGROUND at all on law and governance.

It will be FOOLISH for anyone to expect a candidate who has not even been a barangay councilman to be a good senator or congressman, or even a local government official.

Anyone who thinks that a candidate who does not even know that hearsay (tsismis) has NO EVIDENTIARY VALUE in court can be a good lawmaker is HALLUCINATING, if not having the NIGHTMARE of his or her life.,

If the candidate has never been a politician, check out his leadership and academic credentials.

See for yourself if the candidate has a good leadership or human resources management track record. Find out his educational background to determine if he or she is smart enough to correctly understand a problem and think of solutions to it.

Dahil PINAKA-MALAKING PAGKAKAMALI nating magagawa ang umasa na magiging magaling na senador, congressman o lokal na opislya;l ang isang kandidatong WALANG LAMAN ANG UTAK.

At higit sa lahat, tulad ng maraming beses ko nang sinabi, HUWAG KAYONG PALOLOKO. Sa mga survey kuno kung sino ang sikat o magaling. HINDI porke sinabi ng SWS o Pulse Asia ay yun na ang dapat piliin.


Friday, November 9, 2012


Keep a close eye, a VERY CLOSE EYE, on the Philippine National Police (PNP) from now on until next year’s elections.”

President Aquino’s persistence to ease out or render PNP Director-General Nicanor Bartolome powerless at all costs at the soonest possible time is nothing less than HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

And before PNoy’s fanatics raise their eyebrows, think about these:

Questions: WHY WOULD PREPARATIONS for the 2013 polls be endangered if Bartolome would be PNP chief until he retires in March? What preparations are we talking about and why would Bartolome’s continued presence jeopardize these?

Remember,guys, Bartolome is NOT INVOLVED either in the conduct of the 2013 polls, or in the counting of votes.

And if a leadership void in the PNP might arise if, as media had earlier reported, PNoy would be barred by the law from appointing a new PNP chief if Bartolome stays on until March, the President has the POWER TO EXTEND his term.

But obviously, PNoy is NOT EVEN CONSIDERING this. WHY?  

In fairness to Bartolome, he has NEVER been accused of partisan politics or other similar offenses. Neither has there been any proof of any wrongdoing which justifies Bartolome’s early retirement or loss of powers as PNP chief. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said PNoy simply wants to ensure peaceful and orderly elections. So why would the 2013 elections be violent and disorderly if Bartolome stays on until his actual retirement in March?

If Lacierda will reiterate the possible leadership vacuum in the PNP, then he is INSULTING the rest of the service’s hierarchy.

Why? It’s just like saying their INCOMPETENT to handle security during the 2013 polls even with just an acting PNP chief, if that would be the scenario.

If Bartolome is forced out of his post before his retirement, let’s all scrutinize his successor with the proverbial fine-toothed comb. Let’s check out his links to the President or to the Aquino Family, directly or indirectly.

Let’s find out if he owes the Aquinos any favor for his past PNP  assignments.

And most of all, let’s keep our eyes glued to his actions and performance
before and after the 2013  polls.

HINDI KASING-BABAW ngtulad ng pinalalabas ni PNoy ang kaniyang dahilan sa PILIT NIYANG PAGPAPAALIS sa puwesto kay Bartolome.


Sunday, November 4, 2012


In case you missed it in the Philippine Star, investigators have declared that a combination of pilot error and defective engine caused the plane crash that killed Interrior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, pilot Jessup Bahinting and student pilot Nepalese Khshitiz off Masbate last Aug.18.

My take: critically DEFICIENT and riddled with UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

First: The investigators DID NOT EXPLAIN the CONFLICTING VERSIONS of the tragedy by the lone survivor, Robredo aide Police Senior Inspector Jun Abrasado.

To refresh your memory, people, among others:

Abrasado had claimed that he was knocked unconscious upon impact. But in another interview, Abrasado said the plane broke into two upon impact. How could he know that if he had lost consciousness?

Abrasado said he used a piece of wood he found in the downed aircraft in getting out of it. But he never said where the piece of wood came from, or what was it doing inside the plane.

So, was anything ever done to clarify all these with Abrasado? If yes, what? If none, why not?

The investigators said the student pilot, who was not yet qualified to fly the plane, occupied the pilot’s seat. But this was belied by no less than former Transportation Sec. Mar Roxas in a media interview just days after Robredo was killed.

The investigators quoted Abrasado as saying that Bahinting informed them of engine trouble 23 minutes after takeoff at 3:07 pm.

Considering the CONFLICTING VERSIONS OF THE CRASH which Abrasado had given, is there any proof of this, APART FROM HIS WORDS? Was any effort taken to validate this?
f there was none, why take Abrasado’s word hook, line and sinker?

The investigators said Bahinting lacked proficiency in handling aircraft in abnormal situations.

They had better have one hell of a ROCK SOLID basis for this.

Bahinting was a KNOWN veteran pilot. It was his plane. He owned one of the most popular flying schools in Cebu. After the crash, Roxas himself said there was no problem with Bahinting’s papers, licenses and other proofs of his qualifications or proficiency.

The investigators did not mention why the bodies of Robredo and the other fatalities were NEVER AUTOPSIED. And why did it have to be the government who made that decision, FIRST, and not Robredo’s widow Leny.

The autopsy could have proven if Robredo had indeed died of crash-related injuries or wounds, OR NOT.

I am not saying that the investigators are wrong in their conclusions. I am only pointing out hanging issues which are just as CRUCIAL in painting the complete picture of the tragedy.

Human lives were lost in the crash.

They deserve nothing less than the WHOLE TRUTH behind their untimely return to the kingdom of the MOST HIGH. 30