Saturday, August 10, 2013


WATCH OUT for these TWO POSSIBLE GIMMICKS regarding the Janet Napoles case, boys and girls:

First: A MASSIVE, and I mean every letter of it, media blitz by Napoles to profess her innocence as EVERYONE ELSE being linked to her supposed anomalous acts maintain GRAVEYARD SILENCE.

This is to CONDITION THE PUBLIC MIND that she has not done anything unlawful; after all.

Second:  DIVERSIONARY PUBLICITY TACTICS, like new charges against personalities involving hundreds of millions or billions of pesos, or supposed exposes of fraud in the past, to shift the public’s attention and focus to something new.

These two gimmicks, if ever, will be carried out WITHOUT ANY PROBE of Naspoles herself.


I am one with the nation in finding out the TRUTH about this controversy. But TRUTH must always be based on ALL SIDES of the issue, and not just one or two.

Consider these, people:

To date, NOT ONE of the senators and congressmen being linked to Napoles has made any VIGOROUS EFFORT to clear his name, either through actions or through documents.

To date, I have not heard or read of any senator or congressman who has MADE PUBLIC RECORDS of supposed disbursements of their ‘pork barrel’ funds to Napoles’ alleged bogus non-government organizations (NGO).

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but this would be the FASTEST WAY to prove that they’re not involved in Napoles’ illegal acts.

Neither has there been news of any senator or congressman aggressively initiating or conducting his or her personal probe among the supposed bogus beneficiaries of their ‘pork barrel’ funds through Napoles

I HAVE YET TO HEAR OF EVEN ONE supposed bogus NGO of Napoles which has been questioned in any manner whatsoever, by any congressman or senator who has been linked to her.

The same thing for the staff  members of any senator or congressmen who had dealt with Napoles or her alleged bogus NGOs.

SINUMANG MAIUGNAY SA ANOMALYANG KASINGLAKI ng hinaharap ni Napoles ay AGAD, as in AGAD, na gagawin ang lahat para malinis ora mismo ang kaniyang pangalan,.

Lalo pa’t may lumabas na naman ngayon sa mga pahayagan na panibagong P900-milyong anomalya na kinasasangkutan din umano n Napoles.

Think about it, ladies and gentleman. Think VERY HARD about everything I’ve said.

Let’s not take our eyes, and ears, off the Napoles issue. 30

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