Monday, December 31, 2012


Here are 13 tell-tale signs that your boyfriend s an opportunist or a user:

It’s you who spends MOST OF THE TIME, IF NOT ALWAYS, on your dates.

He asks, if not demands, that you treat him to classy and expensive restaurants or bars, and doesn’t pledge to share even a peso for the bill.

When more often than not, he asks you to pay for what he likes, even though he doesn’t need it, at the mall or at the supermarket.

In all of these three signs, he throws tantrums or loses his cool whenever you turn him down. Neither does he show or express any shame.

Whenever you say you have no money, the guy would rather stay home or go somewhere else than be with you. He comes up with all kinds of reasons just to avoid you.

He insists on meeting your rich or influential friends for no clear reason.

He forces himself into accompanying you as often as possible to parties or events wherein you’ll be with very important people, even without you asking him to.

Once you’re in the event, he sees to it that you’ll find a way to introduce him to them.

He demands, and not just requests, for your help, financial or whatever, to ease or solve the problems of his family members and loved ones.

The guy doesn’t express or show any ambition in life. He has no plans on how to earn more or on how to succeed, at work on his own.

HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY INTEREST at all on how to start even s small-scale business to be financially independent.

HE NEVER CONSULTS you on what can he do to at least uplift the quality of his personal life and ease your burden in looking after his needs and welfare.

Once you see any of these signs, break up with him as soon as possible. For your boyfriend, you’re not his sweetheart. You’re his piggy bank. 30

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